9DollarPerHead.com Sportsbook Pay Per head Review

9DollarPerhead.com is one of the most popular sports betting sites for those who want to become a bookie. They are known to many in the industry due to their no-fuss and easy to use bookie software that has proven itself to be reliable over the years they have operated.

While they are not one of the most affordable we have seen in our bookie pay per head reviews, we'd also like to see if they can still deliver software that is just as good as their competitors.

9DollarHerPerHead.com Pay Per Head

General Information PPH Features
Inception: 2012 sports betting
Software: DGS live betting
Email: moc.daehreprallod9|sc#moc.daehreprallod9|sc online casino
Telephone: 1-866-500-4847 mobile betting
Website: https://9Dollarperhead.com/ no poker room
Location: Costa Rica free first 2 weeks
Account to account transfer: yes racebook
US Players: open e-sports

Review of 9DollarPerHead.com Pay Per Head Services

Our inital run of 9DollarPerHead.com is really good. Finally, we find another site that allows you to sign up and register on your own, without having to wait for an agent. As for its features, they are complete, and will be a delight to those who bet on basketball, who are into football betting. The features are complete, and you will not have a hard time adjusting your lines, or even the limits of each of your players.

The software is very easy to use, and its interface is so nice to use. You can easily find what you need- no flashy design that overwhelms you. The site looks great, and highly functional.

We did notice that they do not offer poker, so if you are into casinos, you may want to double check the available games. But other than poker, 9DollarPerHead can also give you a pretty extensive portfolio of casino games.

++Conclusion of 9DollarPerHead.com Pay Per Head Review

In our pay per head reviews, we always want to see a software that is very flexible, and easy to use. 9DollarPerHead.com has all of this and more. They can help generate reports that gives you accurate data instantly, as well as other data management tools that any bookie would want to have.

If you want to try 9DollarPerHead go ahead, as this is one provider you will not regret using.

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